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2003 Kawasaki Meanstreak

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1 2003 Kawasaki Meanstreak on Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:20 am


This is my sister Debbie's bike. She bought it brand new. It has 85 miles and it's for sale for $6500 only. Why is the mileage so low? In 2003, she took the California Motorcycle Course and managed to get her endorsement. Without seeking the advise of a well polished rider like Spiderman, she got ambitious and bought a man's bike. The first time she threw her leg over to experience the power in between her legs, she had plenty of fun, but on the second attempt while coming to a stop at the driveway to check cross traffic, her foot slipped and the bike landed on her leg and got messed up badly. Her leg was swollen for weeks and she couldn't walk up the stairs, and was off work for a while. It really scared her and ended a wannabe many journeys out in the countryside. Please send email to if interested.

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