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Thank you Alex Samson for starting the gathering of Pinoy riders at Kings Canyon Nat'l Park

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Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for starting and organizing the gathering of the Pinoy riders this weekend at Kings Canyon National Park.

You did a very good job for preparing the food and the campsite. Your generosity and unselfish attitude towards your fellow Pinoy riders exemplifies the spirit of a real rider.

I hope what you did last weekend will be the start of an annual gathering of Pinoy Riders.

Thank you,

Road Runner

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Hi Alex and Tina,

What you did was an excelent job. I salute you !!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

God Bless You!!

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You are very welcome, it was well worth the effort to see you all and I'm glad everyone had a good time. And thanks for helping out too! It was great to see everyone from Pinoy Riders USA volunteer freely for several tasks, including Angelo and Glen who assembled the lechon (heh heh).

Alex Samson (Cubao_kid)

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Hi Alex,

Ano na naman yan..What can I say, what you did was really successful and everybody enjoyed it. I thank you for everything. Saludo sa yo. Very Happy Surprised Laughing


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5 Kings Canyon Camping on Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:17 pm

Hi Alex,

Thanks again I also like your Hi-tech Rice cooker. We should do
it again... Cool Cool


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Alex, I'm sorry from my last message I put her name
as Tina, mali pala Delia told me engot not Tina it's Patty.
Any ways again "THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DID", a sucessful


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007, When are we going to give Spiderman the memory disc from our
Sequoia trip para mailagay sa ating WEBSITE. RIDDLER69 is excited
ng makita.

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